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To get a good transcript, you have to first start out with a good recording, and we at Fantastic Transcripts cannot impress upon you enough how important making a good recording is. Our biggest challenge is dealing with hard-to-hear material. We have found ways to boost the audio, clean it up a bit, filter it, impress , we do not have any rush fees. The way our business is constructed is that we start work on your audio as soon as we receive it, and as soon as the transcript is finished, we send it out. It is as simple as that.

Rush fees are traditional in the transcription field, because most transcription companies consist of only a few individuals, and their current work has to be pushed aside to handle rush jobs. This means that clients are charged extra for rush jobs to make up for the inconvenience the company's other clients are going to suffer.

At Fantastic Transcripts, we have four full-time employees who coordinate more than 20 part-timers and a large number of freelance transcriptionists so that we can handle any job quickly. Rather than reassigning work and pushing some projects off, we just bring in more people to do the work.

And if you notify us ahead of time that you are sending some audio, we can have people standing by to start work on your project. Otherwise, we bring in people and assign the work as quickly as possible.

While most transcription companies charge double and triple their regular rate for rush jobs, at Fantastic Transcripts, we consider all jobs are rush jobs without the rush fees.



"You guys are awesome."
Bill Breen, Senior Editor, Fast Company Magazine

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