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Fantastic Audio Enhancement and Forensic Transcription


  • We Specialize in Hard-to-Hear Audio

  • We can Amplify and Digitally Enhance Poor Tapes

  • We Handle Jobs Other Companies Will Not

One of Fantastic Transcripts' specialties is working with hard-to-hear audio. We use 120-watt amplifiers and 10-band graphic equalizers to hear more dialogue than any other transcription company can.

We routinely transcribe tapes that other transcription companies will not touch.

In instances when our standard processing is not enough, we offer proprietary audio recovery and digital remastering services to bring out any intelligible sound above the background noise and tape hiss.

When combined with a transcript of the audio, this process usually recovers 50% to 90% or more of what was inaudible through our normal methods.

Our rate for this service varies depending on your requirements and how difficult the audio is.  When combined with transcription services, we charge our standard rate of $28 per hour. For digital enhancement and forensic recovery without transcription, we charge $40 per hour.

Please keep in mind that there are some instances where digital remastering and restoration will not work.  

We do not charge for estimates and we do not charge for any work that is not successful. Turnaround is approximately one week.

Feel free to e-mail or call us for more information about our audio enhancement services.

Call Susan Gellerman at:
Fantastic Transcripts
59 Temple Place, Suite 660, Boston, MA 02111
(617) 451-1807
Or e-mail her at

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Updated 04/12/01